Sunday, February 24, 2013

6 Bead Necklaces

The 6 beads worn today by Stephen Peck

This is the letter Sir Percy wrote to go with the 6 beads

Baden-Powell himself wore six beads. But B-P did also award a set of six beads to Sir Percy Everett. Sir Percy had been a friend of B-P since the original camp on Brownsea Island in 1907 and he became the Commissioner for Training and eventually the Deputy Chief Scout. B-P wished to acknowledge the tremendous debt that he owed to Sir Percy and so presented him with a six bead necklace.
In 1949 Sir Percy presented his six bead necklace back to Gilwell to be worn as the badge of office of the Camp Chief, i.e. the person on the Gilwell staff responsible for Leader Training. John Thurman, then the Camp Chief, wore the necklace until his retirement in 1969 when the necklace passed to J Huskins, the Director of Leader Training and then to Brian Dodgson. Following his retirement in 1983 and a re-organisation of staff titles and responsibilities, the six bead necklace was worn by Derek Twine, then the Executive Commissioner (Programme and Training). Today after further changes in titles it is worn by Stephen Peck, Director of Programme and Development.
The Previous Camp Chiefs of Gilwell
1919 - 1923
Captain F Gidney
1923 - 1943 
Mr J S Wilson
1943 - 1969
Mr R F Thurman (received the current 6 beads in 1949)
1969 - 1974
Mr J Huskins
1975 - 1983
Mr B Dodgson
1983 - 1985 
1985 - 1996
Mr D Twine
1997 - Present
Mr S Peck

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